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Make, Do & Mend

Design for me is a multi-sensory discipline that relies as much on the emotional response to a solution as it does the practical and aesthetic qualities.

The relationship we have with the materials and the things that surround us is rooted deep within our culture. Their creation is not simply the logical last stage in a series of problems solved.

It should, I believe, seek to align the traditional values of craftsmanship and quality with the benefits of modern technology.

It’s not always an easy path but if we work hard to preserve and in some cases re-learn lessons from the past, the things we make today can truly be considered to be the antiques of the future. To help you achieve that goal I’ve developed a range of practical courses aimed at putting traditional skills in the hands of todays’ craftsmen.

The Lowfat Roubo store holds a range of products designed to complement each course. Stock levels and course availability will change throughout the year so to avoid missing out on any opportunities drop by frequently or better still follow me on Instagram.


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