Welsh Stick Armchair


When – 21st-25th October 2019

Where – London Design & Engineering UTC, Docklands Campus, University Way E16 2RD

Skill level – Intermediate

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Build a comfortable stick armchair in the Welsh tradition with Chris Schwarz

If chairmaking intimidates you, you aren’t alone. The tools, materials and processes seem to require a pledge of allegiance to an entirely different craft that uses green wood, shavehorses and steamboxes. It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a bit of cleverness and (mostly) standard woodworking tools, you can build an extremely comfortable stick armchair using woods from your local timberyard and tools already in your workshop. If you can reliably sharpen your hand tools, saw to a line and hold a cordless drill then you can build this chair.

The form is inspired by historic examples of 18th- and 19th-century stick chairs from Wales that have been refined by John Brown and Christopher Williams.

During this class you will learn how to

  • understand compound angles without the benefit of trigonometry or numbers.
  • drill holes at any angle and nail it every time.
  • shape compound and complex curves with a band saw and rasp.
  • use tapered mortise-and-tenon joints – and wedges – to create joints that get tighter through time.
  • quickly carve a comfortable seat.
  • apply milk paint and clear finishes on chairs.

Please note that this course will require you to supply and prepare your own materials. A comprehensive guide will be provided.


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