Boarded Tool Chest


When – 24th-26th October

Where – London Design & Engineering UTC, Docklands Campus, University Way E16 2RD

Skill level – Suitable for all levels

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Learn to construct a simple Tool chest

This class will take place over three days and will be the first class I’ve held at London Design & Engineering UTC (LDE). See my Preliminaries and obligatory house notes blog for more information about this amazing facility. Referred to as the Baby Anarchists Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz of Lost Art Press this style of chest is perhaps the fastest route to obtaining a fully functioning tool chest capable of storing all the hand tools required to make pretty much any piece of furniture you will ever need. The method of construction for this project will include rebate joinery and cut nails for the chest and two sliding tills for the interior. It’s fast, easy and reliable. Adding a plinth fastened together with dovetails is optional.

LDE has been equipped with a selection of the best hand tools you could wish to find anywhere in the world. Each student bench is equipped with planes from Lie Nielsen, Veritas and Clifton, saws from Bad Axe and Knew Concepts and chisels from Ray Isles and Narex. In short we’ve developed the workshop so that you can just step off the train and start work immediately. Students are also welcome to bring their own equipment if they prefer.

The choice of timber for this project will be poplar (tulip wood) prepared, jointed and cut to size just slightly over length ready for you to dimension straight away. Poplar is light, stable and easy to work and takes a finish well without too much effort, although we won’t have the time to paint, polish or wax your chest on this course. To personalise your tool chest we’ll arrange to laser cut a small wooden name plate suitable for inlaying into the lid or front part of one of the tills. Steel strap hinges and cast metal handles will also be supplied

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Approximate sizes – W800mm x H400 x D450mm


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