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Our website uses Cookies. These are little pieces of code stored in your web browser to make your experience of our website better. Some Cookies also help to give us information on how visitors view the website.

Cookies can be necessary for the site to work or not-necessary and, for example, be helpful in marketing the website and it’s wares. They can also be persistent or temporary. You can see which cookies are used on our website below. You can also clear the data held by your web browser by following instructions here.

Cookies used by LFR

Most of our Cookies are helpful to our visitors using PayPal. There are others linked to our shop and cart app.
You can see a list of our Cookies by clicking on the blue icon in the bottom left of your screen, where you will see Customise Consent Preferences – these will show you all the Cookies being used during your visit. You can control turning off any particular cookies.