Beeswax Polish 200ml


My medium hard beeswax polish is made in small batches in my workshop and is best suited to applying to surfaces that already have some kind of a finish. Although it can be applied to bare wood the working time will be reduced as the wood will soak up the solvents quickly making it harder to spread the wax in a thin even layer. If you are starting with bare wood apply a thin coat of shellac or similar sealer first.

Apply the wax with a lint free cloth focussing on a small area at a time. Allow the wax to dry, usually no more than twenty minutes and buff with a soft cloth or soft brush. If you get build up of wax or an uneven coat dampen a cloth with a small amount of white spirit or turpentine and wipe it over the surface to spread the wax more evenly. For a softer sheen apply the wax with a fine abrasive sheet such as Mirlon Total before smoothing out with a cloth.

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Protect and Enhance

One of the first finishing products I learned to use effectively was a simple beeswax polish and it’s still my favourite more than thirty years later. The key to producing a good wax polish is to combine the least number of ingredients possible that result in a product with the widest range of working properties. While a bees wax polish will offer some protection it’s not particularly hard and is better suited to one thin coat and not several thick layers. Used in this way it will produce a fine silky-smooth finish that will protect and enhance the appearance of your work.


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