Japanese Toolbox – bog oak


Made entirely from a single board of bog oak from an area in the Fenlands of England where similar logs have been assessed through carbon dating to be around 6000 years old. Based on a traditional Japanese style toolbox it features flush handles at each end, lockable lid and exposed joinery with box wood accents. It measures 370 x 165 x 115mm (L x W x D).

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There are some designs that manage to capture the ideals of form and function effortlessly. The traditional Japanese style toolbox is one of them. My interpretation of this classic design has more than a little influence from the Arts & Crafts movement with the inclusion of some discreet exposed joinery.

Bog oak

Without doubt bog oak is one of the most captivating and inspiring materials I’ve ever worked with. At almost 6000 years old and in finite supply it is truly one of the worlds greatest treasures. When it is excavated from the ground it’s in a saturated state and requires careful handling and an almost clinical approach to seasoning in order to preserve it and prevent it from splitting. Owing to a chemical reaction between the natural tannins in the timber and the waterlogged conditions, the bulk of the timber ranges from grey to jet black in colour. Much rarer are boards that display streaks of golden pristine grain running the length of the board. To me these boards are far more interesting as they give an indication as to the health of the tree before it came crashing down. Only a tree in prime condition would have had a near perfect cell structure making it impenetrable to the mineral rich water in which it lay for almost 6000 years. If you’ve ever wondered what timber looked like back then, here’s your answer.

Natural beauty

It’s easy to loose the natural beauty of bog oak with over finishing. This example has been made from a single board and finished with a matte oil to preserve its unique characteristics.


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