Build A Cricket Table


Where – Robinson House Studio, Unit E1 & 2 Eastside Business Park, Beach Road, East Sussex, BN9 0FB

When – 15th – 17th February 2023

Skill level – Suitable for all levels

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Simplicity, necessity and ingenuity

The key principles for building a cricket table are simplicity, necessity and ingenuity. Using just two types of joint it’s possible to create a robust structure from almost any species of wood that can be used to make a variety of different pieces of furniture.

As there are no plans or blueprints in existence that dictate how a cricket table should look, no two tables are the same. The process for making them follows a far more organic process where the tools and materials to hand dictate the build and ultimately the form.

The design for this table incorporates two types of joint that can be used to create a variety of everyday furniture with a few basic hand tools and materials that are easily sourced. As well as developing a range of techniques for marking out and cutting joints with hand tools, you will also learn how to read the grain of a piece of wood and assess its suitability for a specific purpose.

Although some instructions will be available, you will benefit from being able to sharpen and maintain your own tools if you choose to bring them. Alternatively a full set of equipment will be provided.


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