Marking & Cutting Gauge matched pair


The matched pair sets of gauges consist of one V2 pin style Marking Gauge and one Cutting Gauge. The components are cut from the same blanks and therefore match in grain and colour. The sets come with both a right and left hand skewed blade, a spear shaped double bevel blade and a 2mm dia HSS pin blade. If you’re torn between which gauge to buy you could do a lot worse than buy one of each and have them match. Prices start at £340.


Some of the tools I most enjoy using are either made in small numbers by artisan craftsmen or by me in my workshop in Newhaven, East Sussex. In fact a few of those tools have been used to make these gauges, so thank you for taking a look and considering adding to that tradition.


The design brief for these tools and other Lowfat Roubo products is one of simplicity and economy. I have a number of gauges in my everyday tool kit; some fancy and extremely accurate and some for less critical early stage marking out. This matched pair will cover all bases. The beams are married to the stocks early on in the making and are made to be a loose friction fit whichever way round they are used. Most adjustments can be made while holding the beam in one hand and advancing the stock with a flick of the thumb or by allowing gravity to work for you in the other. The screw fasteners have a leather pad on the end to resist marking the beam when tightened and to achieve a firm and reliable setting.

A perfect match

These matched pairs consist of one V2 pin style Marking Gauge and one Cutting Gauge. The beams are made from the same blank and so are the stocks. The mating components are separated by a saw cut and a few shavings so the grain is matched as closely as is possible.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 11 × 11 cm
Matched Pair

Lignum facing, Bog oak facing, Santos rosewood facing and beam, Bog oak facing and beam, Indian rosewood facing, Pear


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