Five years, six boards and seven students

I haven’t made a 6 Board Chest in over 5 years but I have made…

…a shed load of marking gauges, a couple dozen tables, a few seats, some tool boxes, French windows for the back of our house, a staircase for an old mate and countless other bits and pieces for customers near and far.

I’ve also read a lot of books, even found time to write one and spent a lot of time engaging with makers in person and on social media.

It sounds like I keep score but I promise I don’t. In a moment of reflection, I’m just interested to find out if after all that, am I the same maker I was five years ago?


Complete but unfinished 6 Board Chest built towards the end of 2017

This project is a great opportunity for experienced makers to revisit some of the basics. It’s also the perfect project for beginners to learn some valuable lessons in form, construction and the working properties of timber.

Another Chest with box interior, also built in 2017 

Hogging out waste to make simple joints that last

Coping with fret saws

You can find the full range of skills covered in this course here. So why not join me along with seven other people on 12th-14th May at Robinson House Studio to build one for yourself and find out.

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