Some things are inevitable

This post is a heads-up and shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

As from today I’m increasing the flat rate for shipping all items sold via my website. The increases reflect the steady rise of shipping anything, anywhere over the last couple of years and amounts to around a 10% increase.

My preferred method of shipping is the fastest route possible which can be anything from next day to 3 days depending on where you are on the planet and I try to make this happen for every sale.

Because I won’t ship anything unless it’s fully insured this combination doesn’t always fit the flat rate charged through the site. When this happens, and it’s rare, I’ll dial down the speed to meet the budget. Rest assured I will always try to expedite your goods the most efficient way possible.

Things you should know

Quite often you will only see the cost of shipping recorded on the addressee label with no mention of the insurance.

That doesn’t mean your parcel wasn’t covered. On average, the cost of insurance is about the same as the shipping and so for a typical parcel travelling to North America this breaks down to £20.50 for shipping and £22 for insurance for 3-5 day service and considerably more for a 3 day service.

If you’re wondering why I use a Flat Rate system – simplicity.

It means you can complete your purchase in one single transaction without having to wait for a quote for shipping. All those emails back and forth are a real drag when your time is better spent at the bench fulfilling orders.

Best, Derek




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