Welcome to the new site

I’m pretty sure I wrote somewhere years ago that the world doesn’t need another blog and certainly not another one about furniture making. But here we are, a few years down the road and a new website with a couple of new features of which one is a blog about furniture making! I could, I suppose, Tee things off with the obligatory ‘welcome’ paragraph followed by the promise of what’s to come but as I’ve been known to get things wrong in the past I’ll give that a miss if you don’t mind. Pretty much everything you need to know about Lowfat Roubo can be found in the About section of the website with a lot more information trickling through regularly via Instagram. In fact Instagram is partly why I’ve set this blog up; to share the content that’s too wordy for that platform.

New Features

As for the new features, well I’ve always made it a policy to share as much information as I can on the basis that folk who can make use of it will. And to that end I’ve added a Downloads section to the site with plans for projects that you can download for free. A few rules apply of course; please don’t pass them off as your own, please don’t sell them and please don’t reproduce them on your own websites. By all means share them using this LINK or print them out for your own use and make as many of the projects as you like. In fact I encourage all of the above.

Everything else on the site is self-explanatory, you can book a range of courses and even purchase a few items made in my workshop, and as the year unfolds I’ll be adding to both lists.